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Biefeld–Brown effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A pretty thorough explanation of the Biefeld–Brown effect just showed up in Wikipedia: The Biefeld–Brown effect is an effect that was discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown (USA) and Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld (CH). The effect is more widely referred to as electrohydrodynamics (EHD) or sometimes electro-fluid-dynamics, a counterpart to the well-known magneto-hydrodynamics. Extensive research was …

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Another Crazy Idea?

Personally, I love it when critics say some novel Idea won’t work. I say, just build the thing, and we’ll see: Chinese researchers claim they’ve confirmed the theory behind an “impossible” space drive, and are proceeding to build a demonstration version. If they’re right, this might transform the economics of satellites, open up new possibilities …

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Looks Like There’s A New Book

Coming out in July: In Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, physicist Paul LaViolette reveals the secret history of antigravity experimentation–from Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown to the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionize air travel and energy production. Included among …

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