Weird Science

The Dorchester Vase

Speaking of “evidence of time travel“…? It is difficult to understand why anyone might take this report seriously. Firstly, it was found among rubble, with no proof that it was ever inside the rock. So why was that assumption made? Secondly, it is clearly a candlestick of obviously Victorian style. Why would anyone in 1852 …

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Leading Physicist Affirms TTBrown Discoveries

 Here is physicist Lisa Randall, in a recent appearance on PBS’ “Charlie Rose” program to discuss the ideas presented in her new book, “Warped Passages.”  According to her promotional material: The universe has its secrets. Extra dimensions of space might be one of them. If so, the universe has been hiding those dimensions, protecting …

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Edwin Gray's 'Over Unity' car (alleged)

The ‘Over Unity’ Motor of the Future

From Tom Bearden – who wrote extensively about ‘over unity’ devices (alleged) and corporate suppression of ‘free energy’ concepts: One of the real pioneers in early application of causal positron energy was inventor Edwin Gray of Van Nuys California. In WW II Gray learned of radar during his tour in the U.S. Navy, having previously attended advanced engineering …

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Quantum Teleportation, as imagined in 'Star Trek The Second Generation'

Quantum Teleportation

Back in June of 2004, the individual I have code-named ‘Morgan’ sent me a message saying that one of the most important expressions I would ever encounter in this exploration of the Parallel Universe is “Quantum Teleportation.”  Now, we’re all probably familiar with the concept of “teleportation” — that’s the thing that happens when Kirk …

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