We Don’t Need Roads

Or plutonium.

Or oil or gas or coal or even solar, for that matter.  

All we need to do is ‘bottle a star.’

This is the last scene in the original “Back To The Future” movie, released in 1985.

It is no coincidence that Doc Brown (🤔?) is running his DeLorean time machine on fusion energy when he comes back from the future.

Morgan told me once that ‘The Caroline Group’ has the ability to influence popular culture.  They keep trying to tell us what is truly possible in ‘the universe of magical things’ and the best we can do is treat it as fiction.

I might be writing the first book about ‘time travel’ that is non-fiction.

I am sifting through the archives to find the exact quote.  

In the meantime, this is a perfect example of what he meant. 

Because where we’re going… we don’t need roads.

Fusion energy (Philo Farnsworth) + gravity control (Townsend Brown) = time travel.

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