What’s It All About, Alfie?

(this is an excerpt from The Man Who  Mastered Gravity Chapter 14🙂

We Will Just Sail Away 

In the spring of 1928 a young man named Townsend Brown took a young woman named Josephine Beale sailing on Ohio’s Buckeye Lake.

“I kept noticing how wonderfully blue his eyes were,” Josephine recalled. I just lit up inside when he smiled at me.” 

Josephine listened intently as her suitor spoke of the experiments he conducted in a private laboratory in the basement of his parent’s home – where he had discovered a thing that even Albert Einstein was unable to explain: the link between electricity and gravity. 

“If you could travel through time,” Josephine asked,  “what will you find in the future?”

“We will just sail away,” Townsend answered. “Someday, men will travel in space, just as easily as we are sailing now. Great ships will silently push away from the Earth as easily as this boat pushed away from the dock.”

Josephine closed her eyes and tried to imagine sailing across the void of space. In her heart she knew she was hearing something not only strange and fantastic, but also true. 

She opened her eyes and smiled. “You are different, Mr. Brown, aren’t you?” 


Behold…  the biography of a man whose story cannot be told!

The Man Who Mastered Gravity tells the true story of a little-known scientist who may have discovered more than the human race is ready to handle.  

This long-awaited follow up to Paul Schatzkin’s first book, The Boy Who Invented Television, takes the reader to the edge of modern science. Written in collaboration with the Townsend Brown estate – and with the aid of several covert sources – the two books together suggest a realm of advanced knowledge somehow kept tantalizingly out of the reach of humans. 

This intriguing tale of lost science, hidden power, love and danger, could literally turn the world upside-down.

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