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Coming soon to a bookshelf or screen near you:
The Man Who Mastered Gravity:
The biography of a man whose story cannot be told.
Coming January, 2023

For the Townsend Brown biography, a new title and a new cover.

Yes, Virginia…

…. there is a new book! (if you have arrive at this page because you’re looking for a page from the ‘old book,’ we regret to inform that material is no longer accessible, because….) It only took 13 years (!) but the finished (i.e. edited, proofread and indexed) version of authorized biography of T. Townsend Brown …

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Paul Johnson (ca. 1970), whose 'Modern Times' (1985) declared 1919 as the start of 'Our Relativistic World'

Our Relativistic World:
Einstein, Eddington, and ‘Modern Times’

According to Paul Johnson (shown above in 1970) it’s a ‘relativistic world’ and we just live in it. Marx, Freud and Einstein all conveyed the same message to the 1920s: the world is not what it seems. – Paul Johnson, ‘Modern Times’ (1985) I had never heard of Paul Johnson until his recent passing was …

Our Relativistic World:
Einstein, Eddington, and ‘Modern Times’
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