Coming Soon: TBWIT – The Audiobook

Coming Soon: TBWIT, The Audiobook!

(No, this is not directly to Townsend Brown, but there would be no TTB Bio if there hadn’t first been the PTF bio so… bear with me here…)


More than fifty years after I first heard of Philo T. Farnsworth (in the summer if 1973)…

More than twenty years after The Boy Who Invented Television was first published…

And a year after it was re-published (after the release of The Man Who Mastered Gravity)…

There is finally going to be an audiobook edition!

Once the book was re-released last year, I considered several options for converting it to an audiobook.  I auditioned several narrators via the Audible platform at Amazon, but finally opted to do the reading myself after enlisting the production assistance of Robert Lane, the creator of a program called “Your Book, Your Voice.”

I started working with Robert back in January. It has taken the better part of the past four months to get the project done.  Each week I would read and record several chapters.  I sent the files to Robert, he edited and mastered them and uploaded them to Audible.

I found the experience of reading and recording the text quite gratifying*, to hear how the way I write sounds like the way I talk and vice-versa.

We finished all the uploads this week and have submitted the project to Audible for review.  I expect the production to go ‘live’ before the middle of May.

Keep an eye on the Amazon sales page, the audiobook will show up there the minute it’s approved.


*when I wasn’t wondering “why am I still grinding on this material, much of which I first wrote more than 50 years ago!” ‍♂️

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