A Day In The Life ?

Why, some of you no doubt wonder, is this taking so long?  This YouTube video gives you some idea: it’s about managing all the information. All that shuffling about, sorting, copying/pasting, backspacing/deleting retyping?  That’s pretty much a typical day here in the garret…

“Ionic Breeze” Could Cool Computers

  This just in: something that Townsend Brown may have figured out like 70 years ago: Researchers at Purdue recently demonstrated their new “ionic breeze” technology that can improve the cooling rate of internal computer components by as much as 250 percent. This is the sort of dramatic cooling improvement needed for the computer industry to develop lighter …

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More “Black Triangles”

There has been considerable discussion over the past week in the forums on the subject of “Black Triangles,” a relatively new addition to “UFO” debate that challenges the familiar “flying disc” paradigm.  One  contributor recently posted a link to an article (link now lost), which goes a long way toward re-thinking the whole  “anti-gravity” concept  …

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