T.T. Brown and associates at Bahnson Lab ca 1957

Bahnson Lab Footage on YouTube

I have been spending what time I’ve had available over the past month or so trying to edit the “Bahnson Lab Footage” so that I could put it on the web, and now I see that somebody has already done that.

This is a five-minute condensation of nearly an hour of silent, 8 (or 16)mm film that was shot while Townsend Brown was working with Agnew Bahnson, Jr. at a lab in North Carolina in 1957 and ’58.  I believe we can see here some evidence of the experiments that Brown conducted with electrogravitic devices in a vacuum.

I’m sure this footage will generate lots of discussion, so please post your comments in the forums.

Thanks to “only1egg” at YouTube for permission to embed the file here.


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