Classified Antigravity Aerospace Craft

Here’s an article well worth reading: Classified Antigravity Aerospace Craft The opening abstract reads: The American military industrial complex has developed in secrecy an array of futuristic aircraft and space vehicles, operated according to new energy technologies such a electro and magneto-gravitation with the aim of achieving the control of space. Though by definition impossible …

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The Electric Sun

The word “plasma” comes up a lot in The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown, though the word can seem to have myriad uses. Here’s a website that postulates that the sun and stars are not deep-space nuclear fusion reactors (the commonly held view), but are instead “an electrical mechanism.” The Electric Sun… is a …

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Anybody Seen This Unit ?

Chapter 2: No Moving Parts introduces Townsend Brown’s electrostatic fan/loudspeaker, which eventually became the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air Purifier (that reminds me, I need to clean mine…). The unit described in this paragraph was taken to California, and reappears in Chapter 4.  The actual unit in question can be seen in this picture and …

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