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Consider this website “A work in progress… dedicated to a work in progress.”

About two and a half years ago, I set out to write a biography of a man named Thomas Townsend Brown.

Initially, the intent was to produce a sequel of sorts to my first biography of an “obscure 20th century scientist” — the story of Philo T. Farnsworth, “The Boy Who Invented Television,” published in the fall of 2002.

At first blush, the Brown story seemed like an ideal topic for a follow up to the Farnsworth book.  Though Brown hadn’t invented any major household appliances like television, he was responsible for a minor one — the now nearly ubiquitous “Ionic Breeze” air purifiers.  And, as was the case with the Farnsworth story, there was the hint of something far more exotic and intriguing, because wherever the name of Townsend Brown comes up, the subject of “anti-gravity” is not far behind.

If ever there was a subject that straddles the fine line between “science” and “science fiction,” the idea of “ant-gravity” is one for the ages.  Little did I know, however, that once I opened the lid on this particular subject, I would find myself tumbling down a rabbit-hole of science, pseudo-science, dis-information, classified research, and the very real prospect that there is a whole world of “other science” that is at once alive on this planet — and well concealed from public view.

I had, in effect, discovered at least the hint of an alternate reality worthy of “The Matrix.”  I had discovered the “Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.”

As the project evolved, I learned this about Townsend Brown: one
half of his life was spent conducting classified military research —
perhaps the most classified research that has ever been conducted in
either the public or the private sectors.

The other half of Brown’s life was engaged in a variety of covert
intelligence operations that commenced well before World War II.

Indeed, it seems that Brown was part of an internecine network of
companies and agencies whose operations were well hidden within the
international framework of a military and intelligence apparatus that
started  with the OSS and  eventually evolved into the CIA, the NSA,
and an entire alphabet soup of national security, defense, and
intelligence agencies.

Moreover, it appears that those networks continue to operate behind an impenetrable cloak of secrecy to this day.

It is only because a couple of former colleagues of Dr. Brown —
members of his clandestine network who have first hand knowledge of
some of his activities — have come forth in the past year-and-a-half,
and shared with me what they could (within the very limited scope of
what they could safely reveal), that I have come, quite reluctantly, to
the conclusions I am suggesting here.

So this site will be a gathering point for all the material I have
compiled over the past nearly three years that seems to direct our
attention — however incredulously — at the possiblity that there IS something going on here, Mr. Jones.

So I’m going to start sharing some of the reams of material that I have gathered, and some of what I have written, on this website.  I have two objectives in undertaking this endeavor:

1) That focusing on this website will force me to begin to come to terms with the vast amounts of material I have gathered, and begin organizing it in some coherently presentable way, and

2) That in so doing, I can use the power of the internet to hyperlink between various sources, find the underlying  connections between the myriad influences  Townsend Brown’s life, and, hopefully, make contact with new sources that can help me solve some of the riddles.

And, ultimately, by examining the life of this mysterious Dr.
Brown, I hope that I can begin to get a glimpse of the Universe of
Magical Things that is just beyond our horizon.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, which begins with

Preface: Down the Rabbit Hole

–Paul Schatzkin
September 6, 2005

9 thoughts on “Hello… What’s This?”

  1. I am interested in what you have found. I have done alot of externsive research on the topic and have alot of unanswered questions. It seems that all information sources draw a blank when it comes to the topic of appling T. Browns science in a vacuum. I have also drawn unsuccessful conclusions to obtaining the neccesary propulsion to endure the power supply and any cargo. I also know that at the end of his carreer that T. Brown had use of only one lung due to exposure to high levels of ionized air. This is because after oxygen is ionized it produces O_3. If I am wrong about any of these ideas, perhaps, you could enlighten me? I can say that his work was very interesting and controversial.

  2. My dad recently died at the grand age of 85. Until then our family never knew that he had been involved in the CIA (and even earlier the OSS during the war.) I don’t believe my mother ever knew. You mention Townsend Brown may have had CIA connections. Is that why he took his family to Hawaii? You used the word “stashed” … Do you feel that was the case? If so, we lived through a similar situation in the fifties. My question is … did Mrs Brown know what was going on? What kind of family life was Townsend Brown able to maintain? Mark

  3. Hi
    I though that I was part of a small minority of people who have been spoon-fed information about TTB that’s rare and hard to find.
    For instance, I have found a (serialized) copy of TTB’s original patent applications on an electrogravitic apparatus.
    I also found information relative to “gravitic anomally research” by Brown when he worked for the US Navy.
    I’m involved in research work on the “Stochastic Analysis of Infinite Dimensional Spaces”, and the engineering of “Entanglement Based Communication Devices”.
    I feel very alone in this for reasons having to do with “political conspiracies” which I have been inadvertedly dragged into.
    I hate politics, militarism, and religion and I see no reason for us to go beyond the social paradigm threashold into the singularity.
    I don’t even need to read everything on this website to understand that we are slowly finding each other and that it’s time to communicate together.
    so let’s talk.
    I’m proposing to sponsor multi-portal live webcasts. Video web conferences or other such media distribution.
    contact me if any of you are interested.

  4. Paul ….VERY INTERESTING reading …. but this time my comment is this …. I have a question for Professor Tromprenard. Sir,
    you make the statement that you feel you have been “spoon fed information” about TTB that is “rare and hard to find”. That statement certainly captured my attention. Can you tell me what you meant by that? I am sure all of us interested in the work of Townsend Brown would like to know how informtion such as you described is being dispensed. Mark

  5. Darned it, I think I lost a Three HOUR
    E-mail response to your question. When I tried to send it it just dissapeared.
    I suppose it could be because it was too long and had too many historical details, so I’ll just say that it (the information) was all there in the libraries of Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena.
    I had a meeting with some scientists who gave me access because Bob Maheu (EX CEO of Howard Hughes Aircraft company in Culver City)go me involved with the highest technology pursuit on earth in the early 80s.(after my polygraph test) I was a Canadian “Devo” nerd with a “Pink Floyd” Brain and a crazy intuitive challenging mind trying to re-invent Godël theorem in my own home brewed fashion. THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH FIRST ORDER LOGIC, and joined the illuminati without knowing it I guess!.. LOL
    Ya It’s a long boring conspiracy story, and I would rather talk about the future than participate in political witch hunts.
    Can anyone else understand this?

  6. Raymond T wrote:
    >>>> Darned it, I think I lost a Three HOUR E-mail response to your question. When I tried to send it it just dissapeared.<<<< Oh how I hate it when that happens -- typing a long message into a web-form like this and then having it disappear when the server fails to respond to the "submit" command. That has happened often enough that I have adopted this convention: when ever I'm typing a long message into a web form, I open a Notepad window and then copy/paste my text into the Notepad before I click on the "submit" button. That way I've got a copy of my post on my own desktop, and if the server burps after I click submit, I can copy/paste the post back into the web-form and try again until it works. Next time you type more than, say, 100 words into a web form, you might want to try that kind of a "backup" procedure. --PS

  7. OK then, One last comment for everyone and then they will have to visit the forum.
    If I was someone like “Myself in the future”and I wanted to correct the past without creating any paradoxes, I would cause little hick-ups like forcing myself to subconsciously push the wrong button after writting something which caused an unwanted ripple through the fabrick of Newtonian time. In other words these little hick-ups are natural time lines and I am correcting my own from the future.
    So be it, and everytime it happens that way, I stop and think, “am I about to do something wrong”.
    It comes from a little voice in my mind.
    The same one you share dear friends

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