Leading Physicist Affirms TTBrown Discoveries

Here is physicist Lisa Randall, in a recent appearance on PBS’ “Charlie Rose” program to discuss the ideas presented in her new book, “Warped Passages.”  According to her promotional material:

The universe has its secrets. Extra dimensions of space might be one of them. If so, the universe has been hiding those dimensions, protecting them, keeping them coyly under wraps. From a casual glance, you would never suspect a thing. Lisa Randall is out to expose those secrets.

To which I am tempted to add: “Yes, the universe has its secrets.  There are also humans who are the active, real-time protectors of those secrets.  And the story unfolding here is about what it’s like to have been one one of those protectors in the 20th Century.”

Ms. Randall has probably never heard of Townsend Brown, but I’ll bet they would enjoy a spirited conversation at the dinner table.

The Money Quote: “”Gravity always interacts with the other dimensions.”

3 thoughts on “Leading Physicist Affirms TTBrown Discoveries”

  1. Ok… well I’ve listened to Dr. Randall twice and I’d love to read her book. Instead I think I will see what her latest papers were on. (the book sounds like a Mr. Anybody can understand explanation) She says her partner is more inclined to accept string theory, but I’m wondering if they have a decent logician like Raymond Smullyan to work with on this “Brane theory”. I’ve heard about it before when I was looking up variations of non-Eucidean geometry and Kaluza Klien theory. As you can see the “Gravity” issue is prominent within the central foundation of her work. I suspect that the “singularity” issue is also involved.
    Perhaps if she sees our forum and some of posts, she would comment on the possibility that the “singularity” and “it’s relationship to gravity and metrics” is also a very important consideration.

  2. Notice around the 20:08 mark when the interviewier asks about the government’s interest in her work. She reaches up and touches her nose. After the cue both Dr. Randall and the interviewer seem to leave the original question unanswered.

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