David Bowie portrays Nikola Tesla in the 2006 feature film, 'The Prestige'

Nikola Tesla and ‘The Prestige’

Here’s an interesting blog post  discussing the portrayal of Nikola Tesla (played by David Bowie, no less!) in the recent feature film, “The Prestige.”

Even this teleportation device that the movie had Tesla build for Hugh Jackman’s character is not a complete fabrication, for he had indeed been working on such a creation …

Near the end of his life, Tesla was fascinated with the idea of light as both a particle and a wave, a fundamental proposition already incorporated into quantum physics. This field of inquiry led to the idea of creating a “wall of light” by manipulating electromagnetic waves in a certain pattern. This mysterious wall of light would enable time, space, gravity and matter to be altered at will, and engendered an array of Tesla proposals that seem to leap straight out of science fiction, including anti-gravity airships, teleportation, and time travel … 

Interesting comments at the end about Edison, etal.

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  1. The “Colorado Springs project” was an eye opening venture for Tesla and anyone who followed the results of this work. I have a copy of the lab notes illustrated with several photographs just like the one showed in the link. There were also several diagrams and shematics. This is the very best book I’ve ever seen on Tesla and I value it greatly.

  2. In 1967 I found the system that Tesla used to get free energy out of the air to power his all-electric Pierce-Arrow Car in 1931, as I discovered the system used by Flying Saucers. They also take energy out of the air. Tesla refused to divulge how it worked, as he realized (like I did) that the system could be used to give every dwelling on earth free energy.

    The investors of the Niagara Falls Power Plant, Rockefeller and Pierpont Morgan would have killed him. He did not take a patent out, I did. The system will be installed in homes and cars and leased, so as to get a steady income and keep the investors and taxman happy. No pollution and virtually noiselss cars, flying cars, aircraft and real spacecraft.

    Weather control, Tornado and earthquake control are some of the applications of the Monopole HV Generator, used to effect them.

    Nasa propulsion Engineers do not like it, who would need them, if we can fly to the Moon in an hour or Mars in a day. They are making big $$$ and are not going to kill the Goose that lays Golden Eggs.

    The ISS is obsolete.

    Just like Tesla I had to endure much opposition and ridicule from “Science Groups” in Canada and the USA, even after the patents were granted.

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