A $12-Billion Boondoggle?

I see the world is all fired up this morning about the ITER, the International Thermonuclear Test Reactor that will combine all the of world’s vast knowledge about Tokomak design into one giant money pit somewhere in France.  Sorta reminds me of “The Machine” in the movie “Contact:”  No single nation could afford to build it, so all the resources of the world had to be combined, and then the damn thing blew up.  This is a classic example of a government project accelerating as a consequence of its own momentum, when even some of the originators of the program (like Robert L. Hirsch) have long since disavowed the viability of the tokamak/magnetic approach to fusion.  Or, as Dr. Bussard puts it in his lecture at the Googleplex, “there are billions and billions of fusion reactors in nature, the heavens are full of them… but not ONE of them is toroidal.”   Apparently, the combined wisdom of all the governments of the developed world have joined forces to prove they know better than nature.

"The Machine" in the movie 'Contact' - at least they got a good movie out of this one.
“The Machine” in the movie ‘Contact.’ At least they got a good movie out of this one.

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  1. Message to: T. Townsend Brown
    I briefly scrolled your invaluable posted chapters and it is indeed remarkable! I am especially excited about your interpretation on UFO’s presence during the ancient times. You have similar interpretation if you heard of Von Daniken’s Chariot of the Gods. Prophet Ezequiel also clearly mentioned these visitation in the Bible. Yes, the universe is full of magical things for us ancients to discover(according to Eden Philpotts).
    Mr. Townsend – you have the expertise and the knowledge to see what’s magical on the other side of the water. Why don’t you venture this side and probably discover the secret of how the UFO propulsion works! I think you can do it if there will be no negative issues involve. Have you suspected that the universal symbol of + (-) are the key to the magical door or doors. We can still correct the wrong source of energy we’e discovered. Imagine harnessing gravity which is a never ending source of energy present and perpetual. I say you have a magnetic personality. May God/god bless and guide you on your quest. +/-

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