UFO Hacker Faces Extradition

I think I’ve mentioned Gary MacKinnon before. MacKinnon is the Scot who hacked his way into US military computers looking for evidence of UFOs and antigravity technologies.  His extradition to the US to face charges of espionage — and possibly terrorism — is now in process in the UK.

He has said that he was looking for information about UFOs and
US anti-gravity technology. He rejects the characterisation of his
activities by one US prosecutor as “the biggest military hack of
all time”, and says he was a “bumbling computer nerd”.

You really have to wonder what the US gov’t is more concerned about: the information that MacKinnon was looking for, or the novel way he went about looking for it.  Should the extradition proceed, it would be most interesting to see what comes out in a trial — assuming it’s conducted publicly and not as some secret military tribunal.  Keep an eye on that one.

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