Screenshot from Townsend Brown YouTube video

Townsend Brown “Antigravity” Video

And now, Townsend Brown: The Four Minute Video.

In my various wanderings around the web I somehow stumbled across this video that is worth the few it minutes takes to view:

There is a lot to unpack here. In its own unique way, this four minutes encapsulates everything we know, we think we know, and don’t know about Townsend Brown.

Antigravity?  Well, the jury is really out on that one, that’s for sure.

Is the B2 bomber an ‘electrogravitics’ device?  Depends on who you ask.

Larry Deavenport’s experiments – fluid dielectric or solid?  Hard to tell from the footage.  And if that rotation rate is the best we can expect from this form of ‘propulsion’ then… umm… why bother?

Likewise, there are clips from the Bahnson Labs 16mm film (Chapter 81: First We Build A Fire).  It is hard to tell but it looks like the devices in that footage are ‘fluid dielectric’, i.e. ‘lifters.’  One of the suppositions of the book is that there is an imporant difference between ‘fluid’ and ‘solid’ dielectric devices (lifters -v- gravitators).

Can We Discuss?

There is some interesting discussion starting on these topics over on the forum.  Richard Hull, who is pretty much the den mother to the fusor scout troop (get your Neutron Club merit badge today!), has started reading the book and has a very interesting perspective: Richard spent considerable time in the ‘aughts in the company of Charles Yost, the publisher of the Electric Spacecraft Journal.  Charles and his colleagues probably did more to explore Townsend Brown’s ideas than anybody since Bahnson, but I’m not entirely certain they got to the heart of the matter.

I’d sooner get some of that discussion going in the ‘Parallel Universe’ forum on this site, but that may take some time to ramp up.

It is interesting to me to see sometimes what is already out there about Townsend Brown, how much myth – and how little fact.

Which, ironically, is how I feel sometimes about the book, but… at least it’s out there in a suitable form to generate some discussion.  I don’t think we’ll ever know the full story.


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