Picking Up Where We Left Off

Do you remember where we left off?  Does this sound familiar?

That rustling sound you hear is the sound of a curtain drawing closed, and the apparition you see behind the curtain is the vanishing figure of Thomas Townsend Brown.

That was the end of Chapter 43: For the Good of the Servicewhich, I now realize, was also the end of “Part 1” of this book.

It was apparent to me as I finished that last chapter that I was going to have to take an entirely different approach to the material in order to …. ah… “complete the mission.”  But, no, I did not call in Jim Baker and form a Townsend Brown Study Group to suggest “new ideas” for how to proceed with the story.  I knew immediately how I was going to proceed, and have spent the time since Las Vegas working on the resumption of the story.

I am now pleased to offer not one, not two, but FIVE new chapters that, together, demonstrate the new approach I will be pursuing with the “Rest of the Story.”  Begin by reading this “Introduction to Part 2 or follow the links in the left-side column of this page to the individual chapters.

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