Outtakes And Appendices: Let Us Begin

As I was finishing up The Man Who Mastered Gravity in the winter of 2023, I realized I had a lot of ancillary material that didn’t fit into the book.

The 2008 manuscript had several appendices that are not included in the 2023 published edition.  There are also a lot of chapters that were excised in their entirety.

That some material didn’t make into ‘print’ does not mean that it doesn’t have something to add to the ongoing investigation.  The purpose of the book is to get as much as possible into some coherent, readable form.  It hardly professes to answer all the questions.

As I said near the end, the book is not the story, it’s a story.  I don’t know if we’ll ever know the story.

My intent then and now is to post that ancillary material in the form of Outtakes and Appendices here on the ttbrown.com website.

I have posted the first effort – a chapter that didn’t make it into the final cut – here:

Outtake #1: Missing Fingers and Reliable Sources 

I’m not real good at being consistent.. but with the book in circulation and beginning to generate some interest the time has come to at least begin getting these things on the web.


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