From 2007,Nicholas Cage in 'Next' - yet another movie about Time Travel

Time Travel? You Can Forget About It

Oh boy. Another chance to wonder why ‘time travel’ keeps showing up in popular culture!

Oh boy, another movie about time travel!
Oh boy, another movie about time travel!

There is a discussion of the 2007 Nicholas Cage movie, Next, here in the forums.  However, amid all of our various speculations about gravity control = time travel, this notion struck me as rather compelling:

The best proof that time travel is impossible is that George Bush is still president. If it were possible to change this through time travel, somebody would have de-rigged that election by now.

From the forums:

Townsend Brown also seems to have understood that what he was given as a gift also carried the profound responsibility that he not let his work fall into hands which could not also see those responsibilities. The man spent his entire adult life apparently living a life that protected and sheltered this knowledge.

I have been slowly coming to the conclusion that perhaps he himself was “blowing the smoke” that would redirect others AWAY. Why would a man who loved his work and knew of its importance bury it so deeply? if in fact this was the case? Think on that for awhile would you please? 


Link: The Santa Barbara Independent Dick about the Future.

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