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I got a heads-up the other day from (Naudin’s) Yahoo Lifters Group about a new patent:

Link: Personal flight vehicle and system – Patent 7182295.

Various methods, apparatuses, and systems in which an electric-energy lifting panel levitates a user secured to the electric-energy lifting panel. The electric-energy lifting panel includes a first capacitive plate and a second capacitive plate having different geometric dimensions to generate a net-directional force. An ion conditioner ion enhances air around the first capacitive plate and the second capacitive plate.

Sorta looks like an electrical jet-pack, don’tcha think?

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  1. This is nothing more than a Rocket Engine Thrust system enhanced with High Voltage unit. The proof is right there in the patent:
    “A flight vehicle, comprising: a panel to levitate a user secured to the flight vehicle via electric-energy, wherein the panel provides vertical lift; a body harness; a tortuous pivot frame attached to the panel to allow the panel to redirect vertical lift to horizontal thrust; an inductive transformer to provide electric-energy to the panel; and a gaseous propulsion system operable to provide a directional thrust and a vertical lift during flight, take off, and landing for the flight vehicle, wherein the body harness couples to the gaseous propulsion system.”
    I guess we don’t have to believe anyone has created anything better than another “Thust Propulsion System” based on rocketry. I”m sorry but IMHO this is not the type of device I would qulify as a TRUE Beifeld/Brown force harnessing device. It’s just another Rube Goldberg machine.

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