What Are We To Believe?

Here’s a good example of the sort of input that I have exposed myself to since embarking on this journey into the ‘Parallel Universe.’

I have a number of standing Google Alert searches, one of which delivers to my desktop every day anything that has been published to the web that includes the expression “anti-gravity” (yes, I know that our esteemed Dr. Brown hated that expression, but it’s in common use all over the web/world, so makes perfect sense to use as a search keyword).

A lot of the entries I get from this daily alert are about some video game that has an “anti-gravity” element; More recently I’ve been seeing a lot about the movie “Sky High” which I gather the action takes place on some sort of “anti-gravity” platform.

But occasionally I get something that is worth my time and attention.  Like, a couple of months ago, right after the Watergate-era figure “Deep Throat” revealed himself to the world, my Google Alerts directed to an article that asserts that part of Nixon’s motivation in the Watergate cover-up was the protection of the government’s most top-secret, black-ops anti-gravity projects.  Ineed, such intimations are central to this entire Townsend Brown investigation, because all such reports invariably trace their origins to Brown’s work, and the mysteries that surround his life do nothing to dissuade such implications.

Today, my Google Alert directed me toward an article by one Sterling D. Allen which alleges that similar top-secret government projects have obtained significant mastery of weather engineering after decades of practice” and that this weather control was actually the cause of Hurricane Katrina.  The article alleges that the storm was actually fabricated by diabolical forces to  “push the U.S. and the rest of the world closer to Marshall law.”

Now, ordinarily, the rational part of my brain — the part that was functioning fine until I swallowed the red pill and got sucked into
this Parallel Universe — would be totally dismissive of such an allegation.  In fact, I’m still pretty dismissive of the article’s primary thesis as well as and most of underlying conspiratorial tone (to say nothing of its implied religious themes).

But there are some mitigating circumstances which compel me to mention this item here, not the least of which is the connection drawn to the general subjects of my research over the past three years, as exmplified by this statement, which says that there is a lot more lurking out public view than the alleged ability to whip up incredible amounts of wind and rain:

“Some of that technology includes anti-gravity craft as well as super-powerful energy devices, which they
have been keeping from civilians, and which account for many of the UFO  sightings, which are dismissed as a matter of policy.  Whether or not you believe in the extra-terrestrial influence, the fact remains that man has developed such capabilities.

Personally, I’m more inclined to attribute the wrath of Katrina to the fact that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a couple of degrees
warmer than usual, and I’d be perfectly amenable to attributing that phenomenon to the larger likelihood of ‘global warming.’  And I’d
really rather attribute the failed evacuation and relief efforts to all manner of bureaucratic incompetence than a diabolical conspiracy. But, then, maybe that’s just the my privileged liberal background speaking.  Call it a lingering after-effect of a lifetime of swallowing the blue pill.

But when the subject of “anti-gravity” technology becomes part of the discussion, then I just cannot look the other way now, can I ?

As it turns out, I’ve met this Sterling D. Allen person.  Earlier this summer I went to Salt Lake City for the “TeslaTech Conference on “Extraordinary Science,” and I met Sterling there, however briefly.  Now I wish I’d spent a little more time chatting with him, but my whole experience at that conference was sorta bizarre and so the fact that I did not connect more coherently with Mr. Allen was par for the course.  In what little time I did spend talking to him, Mr. Allen struck me as a perfectly sane individual (which cannot be said for lot of the people one encounters in the pursuit of these subjects…).

But the real reason that I can’t ignore this subject, regardless how “far out” it seems, is because I’ve seen it before, under the aegis of what I’d consider a far more credible — if no less implausible — source.

A little more than a year ago, one of my own ‘covert sources’ in all this suggested I see what I could find out about a mysterious mushroom-type (but not radioactive) cloud that was observed by passing air traffic over an are of the Pacific Ocean known as the ‘Kaitoku Sea Mount’ in the spring of 1984.  My web search on the appropriate keywords brought me to the website operated by Col. Tom Bearden, who, I quickly discovered, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of “Energy From The Vacuum,” aka “Zero-Point Energy.”

In addition to his detailed expositions on the state of the art in ZPE research, Bearden goes into some depth on a variety of related subjects, like “Scalar Electo-Magnetic” weaponry, various modern day manifestations of Nikola Tesla’s discoveries, and, much to my lingering disbelief, the contention that all of these technologies in fact have some bearing on weather control and manipulation.

So when something crosses my desk that raises the subject of ‘weather control’ as a tangent to the general subject of “anti-gravity,” I may be skeptical, but I am not altogether dismissive.  After all, living in a Parallel Universe requires the suspension of all manner of disbelief in order to at least try to see what is hidden in plain sight before our very eyes.

So you can begin to see how — in this one post — some of these elements begin to form the patterns of intrigue which in turn form the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.  It is all of a piece, no matter how bizarre and unlikely it all seems.

4 thoughts on “What Are We To Believe?”

  1. Hello Perfesser!
    I was just reading your new site and wanted to make a comment with regard to Hurricane management, please have a look at:
    Now, I’m not necessarily a big “fan” of Richard Hoagland, but his explanation of the effect HAARP can have upon the atmosphere and the photos of anomolous “eye-wall” geometry is compelling. I have gone to Nasa’s website and NOAA’s website and have found similar photos of hurricanes taken from space that depict this same eye-wall geometry. The explanation regarding standing waves producing “geometric patterns” in various materials they are transmitted through seems like sound science to me and something that can be readily verified. Also, if you look at “sand pendulums” during earthquake activity you will note some amazing geometric patters they draw in the sand as they resonate with the vibrations. In all, I think this is noteworthy – especially in light of the following: Nikola Tesla PATENTED an earthquake machine MANY years ago and there has been ample time to “perfect” the technology. Also, he conceived of the “tran smitting” of microwave energy over distance and PATENTED it. This is significant in light of the number of satellites we have in geosynchronous orbit. It would not be a “stretch” to imagine a satellite with the capability to beam microwave energy into the atmosphere in order to create high pressure areas in proximity to a hurricane for the purpose of “moving” it. Also, I would think it possible to use this same technology to “heat” the core of a hurricane in order to “ramp up” its speed – isn’t that what happens when they get over the “warm waters of the gulf”? The added heat speeds up the ascent of the core and thereby speeds up the entire “swirl” of the hurricane? (See “How a Hurricane Grows” at: http://ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu/(Gh)/guides/mtr/hurr/grow/home.rxml). At any rate, I’m not saying I have proof of this, or even that I understand it all – but there is enough “science” out there to co nvince me that this is certainly a possibility. I DO know that our military uses beam microwave technology in warfare and for “crowd dispersal”. Its use in crowd dispersal focuses a beam such that it heats up the moisture in the layer just beneath the skin. They can control just how much heat this beam will generate and because of that, they classify this as “non-lethal” weaponry but there’s nothing that says thay can’t simply make an adjustment to “turn the heat up” to lethal levels. I’ve seen photographs (as you may have too) of Iraqi soldiers whose bodies are badly burned but their clothes are completely untouched. Looks like microwave to me… If you have HAARP creating High and Low pressure areas and heat the core from space, maybe you CAN control a hurricane’s speed and trajectory… it certainly sounds reasonable to me. See also Colonel Tom Bearden’s website:
    http://www.cheniere.org/ for further details regarding the existence and use of Scalar Wave technology. Very interesting reading there… continue on to: http://www.cheniere.org/index2.html
    for further detail…
    Best regards and thanks for all of the work you are doing.

  2. The amount of energy that would be needed to produce that kind of heat is improbable. Microwave is very high in frequency and by the path loss law they would need a nuclear power station in space along with a very narrow beam width. Since the USA nearly controls the orbit I would say it is highly improbable for any country to have this capability without our NASA geeks all over it. The hurricane conspiracy theory is invalid.. Always good to expand your thinking though.

  3. Comments on weather control on the T.T.Brown site bring something very strange to mind: If you get a chance go on Nexus Magazine, an online New Zealand mag. Click on articles. They are old articles and read the one called The Installation and the interview with the Russian scientist.

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