What Does This Man Know….

…and how long has he known it?

From this past Sunday’s Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell:

UFO Researcher David Sereda discussed his recent work, videotaping the disclosure of 73-year old Boyd Bushman, a Lockheed Martin Senior Research Scientist of 20 years, who held Top Secret clearance. He holds a number of patents and designed the Red Eye Missile (now the Stinger Missile), and infrared FLIR systems. Bushman also reverse engineered antigravity and UFO technology, Sereda reported.

There is a force related to the expansion of the universe that is actually stronger than gravity, and this could be connected to antigravity propulsion, Bushman told him. He demonstrated phases that lead up to antigravity, including experiments in which magnets reduced the gravity of a rock. Bushman verified that Area 51 in Nevada was indeed the place where alien craft were tested– but such testing moved to a facility in Utah after Area 51 became well known, he noted.

A couple of people have brought this recent broadcast to my attention.  It’s interesting, but how much to believe…. ??  Unfortunately, listening online to archived C2CAM shows requires a paid subscription.  If you don’t have (or want to buy) one, e-mail me and we’ll figure out a work-around. 

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