Service Interruption — Server Relocation

In order to avoid any future "bandwidth used up" problems like we experienced at the end of December, I am in the process of relocating all the files and databases that constitute "" to servers operated by the very friendly and helpful folks at 

Yesterday, we copied all the forum databases to the new servers.  There will be an interval starting now where we have to make sure that everything is running correctly.  When we’re satisfied that the new set up is working, there will be about a 24 hour period while the "DNS Servers" change (the instructions that tell your browser where to actually look when you type in "" circulate around the World Wide Internets.

So, unfortunately, we have now entered a period where anything posted to the forums will NOT appear once the new location is switched on, because anything posted will not be added to the new databases that were created yesterday.

Yeah, I know, it’s confusing as hell, but, just stay tuned to this space; there will be a temporary URL where we can find the forums while we’re waiting for the Internets to do their thing.


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