Earth to… Other Dimensions?

Hyper Phone
Hyper Phone

Forget iPhone, I want one of THESE.

Sure, the iPhone is hot, it’s slick, it’s the gizmo-du-jour (or, at least it was over the weekend). But now that the iPhone is available, it is merely new.  I want to know what’s next.

I mean, jeez, just talking to other Earthlings is SOooo last week.  I want to talk to people in other dimensions (would they even be “people”?) and other times.  So imagine my gizmo-craving glee when one of our forum members brought this up:

Link: The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™.

The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™
Technology To Access Other Dimensions Of Spacetime
Here at Life Technology Research International® we are continuously developing and evaluating new products and The Hyperdimensional Oscillator™ has certainly given us cause for excitement.

The device incorporates several elements of futuristic Tesla technology, psychotronics and quantum physics to allow the user to access other dimensions of space time.

That sure sounds more interesting than any cell phone I’ve seen, even if it doesn’t have a “multi-touch” display.  Follow the discussion starting here.

Now, if I just knew what store at the mall to line up in front off….??

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