Now Online: Chapter 2

No Moving Parts

… is now online and available for your reading pleasure.

I have to confess, I got pretty well stuck yesterday.  But, that’s to be expected when when you’re wading through a swamp.  You think you see where you are going next, you strike off for what looks like solid ground, and the next thing you know, you’re knee-deep in muck again.

But that’s the beauty of this Internet thingie.  You write something, you publish it to the web, then you see it all in a different light, rewrite it and republish it. 

That’s my way of telling you that I have revised the Preface and renamed it, "Down The Rabbit Hole," in order to introduce a theme — and a writing device — that I think I’m going to need. 

I have known for sometime that I am going to have to relate some of my own experience of researching this story in order to tell it properly, but I have never wanted my story to interfere with or supersede the story I’m really trying to tell about the life and times of Townsend Brown.  So from time to time, I’m going to throw in a chapter of "Notes from The Rabbit Hole," in which I’ll discuss the process of researching the story and the innumerable obstacles we’ve run into along the way.

So I’ve reworked the preface in such a way as to introduce the idea of going "down the rabbit hole" right from the start.  In the process, I rewrote and rearranged other parts of the Preface so that the whole thing reads better.
No telling how many times I’ll have to back up and start over before I’m done.  Hey, one of these days maybe I’ll get it right.
At least, by the time I’m done, maybe I’ll have the beginning right.

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