Now Online: Chapter 13

Hello again, and Happy New Year…

While writing about the "Biefeld-Brown Effect" in Chapter 12, I kept thinking about some of the disinformation that I have encountered since I fell into this rabbit hole and landed in the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.  Never was this disinformation clearer than when I contacted the archivies of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, to inquire about Brown’s academic career there and his relationship with Dr. Paul Biefeld, for whom the "Biefeld-Brown Effect" is co-named.

The results of that inquiry are now available for your consideration in another installment of "Notes from the Rabbit Hole" –  Chapter 13:  "He Made Things Up."

I think you’ll see from the anecdotes related in this installment how easy it is for misconceptions about Townsend Brown to abound today.

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  1. Mark Culpepper says:

    I can see how difficult it must be to “get to the bottom of things” … when disinformation stands and is generally accepted (like Sharper Images’ statement “the technology was developed in house”) or that University official making the negative assumption that “He made things up” …. but heres a tough question. What happens when dedicated researchers run up against PLANNED DISINFORMATION? What happens then? How do you recognize it? Mark

  2. Linda Brown says:

    Mark …
    I wanted to personally respond to your last question “What happens when you run into planned disinformation?”
    You are SUPPOSED take it as fact … and turn your attentions elsewhere. We are a trusting lot, most Americans. We live in a country that is basically secure. In the evenings we look forward to closing our eyes in the security of our own homes. We accept information that is presented to us because, truthfully, … challenging stuff takes effort and we have no reason normally to do that. So we are inclined to believe information handed to us from the very start … so the first reaction to your question … what happens when are handed something that later turns out to be disinformation? …. we accept it … but after that … in some cases … quickly after that first flash of trust … a little voice goes off in a good researchers head that says …..”Wait one moment … something is not right here”
    How do you recognize INTENTIONAL disinformation? You match that uneasy feeling above with the knowledge that there are agendas in this world. You look for Agendas. If information deflects you from a certain line of questioning … why is that? What would be the reason for that ?… both the reason on the top … and the possibility of a hidden agenda. What would be the reason in sending a dedicated researcher off on the wrong trail.?
    “Protection of programs” would be one agenda.
    I spoke to a General once on that subject. I asked him ….” How do I know if we are dealing with a black project while doing the research on my Dads life? How would Paul and I recognize it? There is so much disinformation floating around about his life, some of it I know just mistaken but other things … the missing files …the constant moving … How can we ever figure out what was really happening in his life?”
    He turned to recognizing the “Project ” first. “If your line of research comes up against a brick wall …. with a flurry of disinformation around it …. just mark the spot …. and take another run at the information from another direction. When you run into another wall … make note of that one too. If you are systematic by the end of all that wall banging you will have a pretty good idea of how big that black project is … and what its interests are. Beyond that …. you will get nothing …. and that is how it should be.
    My own personal opinion is that the “Black Project” that my Dad was involved in most of his life was enormous … It had alot to do with propulsion systems and communications that have still not been unveiled.
    You knew that I went to 48 different schools before I graduated (and stayed in the last for my Junior and Senior year) and there were many more moves after that … I am sure now that there were good reasons for each of those moves … some of them , like the development of the Electrohydrodynamic speaker (Ionic Breeze) have come to the surface . Some are still hidden and represent the development “behind brick walls” So thats what Paul has been doing with such dedication. As the General suggested ” Go until you can’t go any further …. and then just try to make sense of the story along the way.
    Thanks for your interest Mark …..Please hang in there with us on this journey. Linda

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