“The Universe is filled with magical things,
Patiently waiting for your wits to grow sharper.”
Eden Phillpotts

Concept Statement:

If you have ever seen, or heard of, an appliance called the “Ionic Breeze” air purifier, then you are already familiar with the hidden genius of Thomas Townsend Brown.  But few people who own one of those now-ubiquitous devices know the name of its inventor, nor have they any idea of the bizarre odyssey that was his life.

The story behind the Ionic Breeze is just the surface layer of an epic tale, beneath which lies a discovery that Townsend Brown made as a teenager in the 1920s — a discovery that some expert witnesses contend opens the door to a world free from the bonds of gravity, space, and perhaps even time.

DEFYING GRAVITY is the true story of a man who led at least a double life.  He spent one half of his life engaged in classified military research and the other half conducting covert intelligence operations — all while moving his devoted family back and forth across the country in the pursuit of his “flying saucer pipe dreams.”

Curiously, most of the documentation of Brown’s existence has been lost — “weeded” as one source told us — from the official records.  The result is the very challenging — but not quite impossible — “biography of a man whose story cannot be told.”

In the few notebooks and journals that Brown left behind after he died in 1985, there are hints about an untapped power in the universe, and clues to its utilization.  But there are other hints as well, of unseen forces that regulate the release of such knowledge to the human world.

Throughout history, the secrets of the universe have been metered out to mankind as our civilization has demonstrated the capacity to safely absorb them.   Indeed, after living mostly in darkness for countless millennia, in just the past 200 years mankind has released great forces and shed new light on what Nikola Tesla called “the great wheelwork of nature.”

In the universe where Townsend Brown traveled, there is a power even greater than the energy that is released by splitting atoms.  Townsend Brown discovered a path to that power.  In his biography, readers will follow his journey to the threshold of another great leap in human knowledge and understanding, one that lies “patiently waiting” just beyond a rapidly-nearing horizon.

There are leaps of technology that first require a leap of consciousness.

DEFYING GRAVITY is the springboard for that leap.


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