Chapters 24 and 25 Now Online

For the past week or so, the radio in my head has been playing The Village People, singing their anthem, "In The Navy."  I guess that’s because that’s where the Townsend Brown story is now going… to the United States Navy.  Police, cowboy, construction worker and Indian costumes are all optional…

Thus we come to Chapter 24: Opportunities for Technicians and Scientists, which attempts to reassemble the sequence of events and thought processes that led to Townsend Brown enlisting in the Navy in 1930 — at the age of 25. 

It is once the story turns toward Brown’s military service that it really starts getting murky.  Some idea of what I mean by that is presented in a "Notes from the Rabbit Hole" installment, Chapter 25:  We’ve Never Heard of the Guy."  This segment will give readers some idea what it’s really like to try to track down the life of a guy that somebody, somewhere, and for some unfathomable reason, really does not want told. 

In any event, the story is now entering the 1930s, the period during which Townsend Brown began to become the person whose mysteries we are trying to unearth today.   So, everybody get your safari hats and archaeologists trowels, it’s going to be interesting digging from here…

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