Chapter 35 Now Online

Some time ago, one of the "confidential sources" that has been helping me find my way around in the Parallel Universe expressed some frustration.  He didn’t know what to tell me because "I don’t know what you already know." 

That was almost a year ago.  Everything you have been reading since this site went online shortly after Labor Day 2005 has been my way of figuring out "what I already know."  One of the guiding principles of this site is "Once we know what we know, we can start identifying and filling in the blanks."

Chapter 35 – Something Changed  illustrates the point.  By compiling what we do know about Townsend Brown’s activities during the mid-1930s, we actually get a better picture of what we don’t know about what priorities occupied his time in the years immediately following the Caroline expedition. 

At the very least, such exercises will enable us to see the faint outlines of what goes on behind the curtains in the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.

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