Chapter 31 Now Online

As suggested last week, one of the keys to understanding the life of Townsend Brown is to learn as much as possible about the people who show up around him.   

Today’s installment, "Chapter 31:  Intrepid" introduces another such character.  Readers with a decent background in mid-20th century — i.e. World War II — history, may recognize this individual, and will be surprised to see him showing up in this context. 

It is hard to say from today’s vantage point just how much more of this individual we are likely to encounter in future installments.   The point is that this individual is  indispensable to the larger story that is unfolding here.  And learning a bit about this individual gives us a hint at the scope of the hidden world that Townsend Brown is about to be drawn into.

I’m tempted to say ‘here’s where it start’s to get really interesting…" but the fact of the matter is:  this is where it starts to get really difficult.  The deeper we get into this period of Townsend Brown’s life, the less verifiable information we have about his activities, the less we really know about who he was working for and what he was doing.   That will make it all the more important to look carefully at the reflections, watch the effect of the wind on the trees, and, as one observer put it, "listen for the sound of time."

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