The Final Installments…

…are now online.

Chapter 80: Avalon rounds up the final years of the life of T. Townsend Brown.  It’s a lot of ground to cover, yes, but the patterns of his life are sufficiently established by now that repeating them would be…. uh… repititious.  So best to move on.

The final chapter is followed by an Epilogue: The Sound of Time which looks at some of the loose ends that have been left lying around and attempts to… well, make them a little less loose.

If you care to discuss either of these chapters, please follow the forum links at the end of each chapter page.

And now, ladies and gentleman, it will soon be "spring break."  So now that the "heavy lifting" phase of this undertaking is behind me, I think think I will plug my iPod into my car stereo and head over the horizon.  "Goin’ where the weather suits my clothes," I think….

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  1. vince white says:

    Paul, It is with the highest appreciation and some amazement, that I have watched and
    read your historic effort to unravel and
    chronicle this still shrouded life. Yes your efforts are historic, for you are peeling back page by page , a chronicle of a man who, if the truth be told , could have
    earned half a dozen Nobel prizes, and many
    have earned one for less than just a few of
    the casually described effects in lab notes of T.T.Brown. I must Disagree with one
    assertion however. This Giant of physics life and achievements , will be told, his
    participation in the black technology empire
    now behind secrecy’s walls , will emerge for there is a great storm approaching, a
    storm that is a great roiling black line
    across the entire horizon, the storm of disclosure, which will leave the extreme
    secrecy edifice in ruins , and tne oceans
    of money spent on gravity and communication
    resulting in breakthroughs and devices that
    will astound the world, will also reveal
    the who, what, how, when ,where of that
    peripatetic giant life of service to country and even larger entities. We will
    learn the key contributions that now provide a transluminal comm net, links
    to recon sats , virtual computers spread
    across continents and other wonders. These are logical interpolations , aimilar to those who added up 2 & 2 in 30′s and knew what was building. So the work , and many
    derivatives will emerge, as we now know the
    history of the fission and fusion efforts.
    This very important book, is a special
    achievement, greater than the story of
    Enigma & ultra, and even a door to open
    other doors of the many still unknown who
    worked on the shining ships that already
    fly our skies, with enormous delta v , indeed , this observer, after years of
    research ,putting public 2& 2 together,
    righteously assert, some spot in geosync orbit, Dysons Dock , or elsewhere this very moment there is a sleek beautiful engineered ship, that has written in quiet letters , the SS. THOMAS BROWN on it’s bow.
    Worth repeating , this book to be, is an
    historic achievemen about a giant of physics history. Thanks. Simply Summa.
    Vince White

  2. Linda Brown says:

    Those of you who know me will realize that I have been trying very hard to stay well centered during the writing of this book.
    It’s an attitude that Paul and I talked about very early on …We knew that we would have to tread a very narrow path through a very dark wood. . ( I have to award Paul the prize, through all of this I think he has been the one better centered, better focused…. I have had a tendency sometimes to go off in different directions in search of answers, always looking, always investigating, always on the hunt. Sometimes running into dead ends … But eventually I have found my way back to the center spot and to his good company). … I believe this is the way our association in this project was meant. There were times I am sure that he looked at me and thought …. “uh oh … there she goes again.”
    But that is what you end up doing when you have patrolled the edges as Paul said … and secured a vision ……..
    I realized though this morning that the vision I had secured for myself during these various “patrols” was not what it should be!
    And it took a post by Vince White to do that for me. Whoever you are Sir ….. thank you.
    I suddenly saw that ship and then I remembered many things that I have read through my life and the words “Dyson’s Dock” hit like a sledgehammer and then the current story of the ” Doomsday Project” where people are saving seeds for the future …. and I realized that I had assumed the worst for mankind … a seed saving project indeed but doomsday is not what it is ….at all …. seeds needed …. for another place …..and suddenly the plants and the water and the sand all make sense. I just wasn’t able to look far enough ahead.
    I think that there will be some who will read what Paul has written and be totally thrown by what looks like two different worlds living side by side. And Paul has been able to capture both. Even the title of his book speaks to this. Paul has been able to capture a very carefully detailed account of a mans life. Letters. Interviews, notes … all name specific dates and places and all well documented. No biography could have been better researched. But then there is the other side of the story which reads so much like a fantasy that I am sure there will be those who will doubt the truth of it, or even his sanity.
    My only response to that is to quote something that was left for me years ago. I took it when I first read it as a science fiction story. The pages were full of the adventures of people who could easily move from one dimension to the next … and the description of a special place and a special shining ship. It was filled with advice about what to do and what to look for …. and at the end of it came the words ….” Daughter, these words are as true as the rain on the window above your head”
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  3. Trickfox says:

    Very interesting and an acute observation Mr. Vince White. I agree whole heartedly with your sumation of this work.
    But this website is even more than a omage to T.T. Brown…. I have found a personnal sense of satisfaction in meeting and chatting with members of our forum as this story has developed over the past few years. Some of us have resolved mysteries which have nagged at us for years.
    Perhaps….now that we have good headwinds, we can sail through the hard times ahead TOGETHER and help each other out.

  4. Fred Mars says:

    A Matter of Time
    Over the years I have “studied” the works of Einstein, Tesla, and T. Townsend Brown. Einstein spoke in terms of theoretical physics and explained it in complex mathematics. Tesla was gifted in that he both understood the math and was adept at applying the theory to experiments that proved his theories unequivocally. But Brown as Paul has said many times, is an enigma.
    It is a strange parallel that our lives never while never crossing, were indirectly intertwined during the 1960′s. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and during the time that the Browns were at the Drake, I accompanied my best friend to visit his girlfriend who lived at the Drake. I can remember the “hippies” in Rittenhouse Square Park peddling pot and LSD openly just as Linda described.
    Like Mr. Brown, I also have determined much from theory and have experimented with “exotic” electromagnetism and feel that I have discovered “free energy” and how to tap it. I won’t produce a single patent since this technology in the “wrong” hands would be devastating. But soon there will come a time for such wonders to be revealed. And the many wonders of Thomas Townsend Brown will be made available to a new world that will make him a hero and give him the credit he rightfully deserves.
    Perhaps the author will contact me, and I may have a few bits of data that may fill in some “holes” or open more possibilities of fascinating science to the readers.
    Fred M
    Chief Information Officer
    Quantum Mechanics R & D

  5. Fred Marsico says:

    Although I have registered at the forums I still have yet to receive a validation, so I though I would provide an update here.
    Because it was such a long time ago, I don’t remember the exact date, but it was summer of 1963 in Philadelphia, when we all were outside after dinner playing half ball. As I swung the mop handle bat to launch a “pimple ball half towards the roof, a very large “cigar shaped” craft appeared in the still light evening sky. It was shaped similar to a blimp yet it had no gondola nor did it have that familiar engine drone sound. Windows were on the body where a blimp would be filled with helium or hydrogen gas. I watched as the visitors seemed to be looking down at us from those windows and as my spine tingled I knew this was a very unique and extraordinary event.
    Parents and children, police officers, taxi and bus drivers all stopped and gazed up as this large object slowly drifted across the sky without a sound. Since that time I have never been able to get anyone who was there to discuss it. While I don’t recall anyone visiting us to discuss this event, or to discourage speaking about it, it does still seem strange that nobody seems to remember the incident except for me and my brother who was on;y about 4 or 5 years old at the time. He only remembers the big ship, across the sky, but not any of the details.
    During the times that the Browns lived at the Drake, I was beginning to spend time at Rittenhouse Square and remember the hippies selling drugs in the park. I also had a close family friend that was a radar operator and radio technician and he was stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard during the time of the “Philadelphia Experiment” and he would never speak of any of his experiences. For as long as I can remember he was always suffering from tremors and shakes. Many years later, after I had read about the event and other black ops projects during the war years, I finally confronted t his man and asked him if he was there during the “experiments” in Philly. While I only got a nod, and a frightening look, it made me realize t hat much of the stories told may have more than an inkling of truth to them.
    I want to be a part of all this. I feel a connection to it and don’t understand why, but I somehow feel that I am a participant. After reading Paul’s book I have even more of a feeling that somehow my path has crossed with many of the people or incidents told, and now I have more questions about how I came to know and be a fringe part of all of this.
    Perhaps it will unravel as I read more of the input from the various sources that are frequenting these pages and those of the forums.
    Fred M
    Chief Information Officer
    Quantum Mechanics R & D
    Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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