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Please Tune in this Friday to the World Puja Network for an interview with Orion Project director Dr. Steven M. Greer and chief science advisor Dr. Ted Loder.  The interview will take place on Friday, May 9th at 11am PST / 2pm EST, and again at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.  The interview will also be archived on the Orion Project website.

From the World Puja Network Website:

Dr. Greer’s guest will be Dr. Ted Loder, professor emeritus at University of New Hampshire, who has worked with Dr. Greer for years on the issues around the coming energy revolution that must happen to heal the planet.

Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder will discuss The Orion Project, which is a project to gather the most promising inventors in one place so that their combined knowledge will give us the solutions we need for home energy generation and beyond.

They will give an overview of the history of the new energy discoveries (Tesla, T. Townsend Brown, Stan Meyer and more.)


Stephen Greer’s name you all might recognize, he’s also the chief instigator of "The Disclosure Project" as well as something called SEAS Power.  Seems to me I spoke to Ted Loder a couple of years ago about a paper he’d written which reiterated some of the more familiar stuff about Townsend Brown. I’ll tune in if I’m home, or listen to the archive later.

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