What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

My daily Google searches recently delivered this article to my desktop:

The Dark Matters of Dark Energy: American Military Pursues Antigravity Weapons by Gary S. Bekkum

This article is a very broad investigation and summary of the research that is going on around the world into uses of vacuum energy, dark energy, or whatever you want to call it.  Unfortunately, most of the focus is on the "WMD" potential of such research.  No wonder the subject remains convoluted and confusing.  We don’t have enough dangerous toys already?  Some things really do have to be kept out of the reach of children.

There are also a lot of familiar names in this article, it’s interesting to see them all in one place.

The "money quote," from the conclusion of the article:

Controlling the creation of new physics is another way of saying
that the fundamental laws of physics are not fixed forever but can be
adjusted to create exotic new phenomena.

Human beings will continue to discover new and more efficient
methods of mass destruction hidden behind the doors of our ignorance.
Somewhere near the intersection of our fantasies, the imagination of
creative scientists, and the real world in which they reside, are the
keys that unlock the doors of our destiny.

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