What Does The Google Have To Say About ‘Gravity Control’?

In 1929, Townsend Brown published an article in Science and Invention magazine with the provocative title, “How I Control Gravitation.”

As I gather info for marketing the new book online, I’ve been learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics – all the tricks of the digital marketing trade.

Then I had the bright idea to search Google “is gravity control possible?”  That led me to a Google-recommended search for “What if you could control gravity?” and following that link led me to this speculation from good old NASA:

If you could control gravity or inertial forces, you would have a propulsion breakthrough (thrusting without rockets), a means to create synthetic gravity environments for space crews, a means to create zero-gravity environment on Earth – hey that could be fun – and a whole host of other things.

Why, yes indeed, that would be fun!

That would be like “pushing away from the Earth the way this boat pushed away from the dock…”

Now, where have we heard that before?

Modern science tells us that there are four ‘fundamental interactions‘ in the physical universe:

Of the four, mankind has done a pretty job of mastering three: electromagnetism provides no end of modern conveniences (you’re looking at one of them right now); the strong force is the energy released in nuclear reactors (and bombs); the weak force is the radiation used in medical therapy, etc. (yes, I am oversimplifying here).

Of the four, only gravity has evaded any kind of human mastery.

Or, like nuclear fusion, was the secret discovered decades ago?

And if that’s the case… then… what happened to those discoveries?



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