Vonnegut on Time Travel

We note the passing of writer Kurt Vonnegut, and pass on this discussion of Vonnegut’s take on time and time-travel:

I was watching "Slaughterhouse-Five", they told me, made from the novel by Vonnegut. It has a time travel theme, but is not really a time travel story. In
it, Vonnegut says that time exists all at once, like a river exists all
at once, even though water flows through it. We perceive time as
flowing because we are limited in our three dimensions, like someone
standing on the bank of the river and sees only the little bit of water
flowing past. If we could break free of our limited perceptions, then
we would see that something that exists at some point in time always
exists, and always has existed, and always will.

So it goes: Kurt Vonnegut, 1922 – 2007.

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