Three New Chapters Now Online

I must be on quite a roll, because this week we’ve got not one… not two… but THREE new installments for you to read.

Yes, the first two are pretty short, and the third one is not all that much longer, but each installment deals with its own subject and so I decided to leave them as separate chapters:

Chapter 17: A Great Disappointment – brings into clear focus precisely what the Townsend and Brown families expected of their young progeny;

Chapter 18: Wagner In The Trees – recounts the wedding of Townsend Brown and Josephine Beale; and

Chapter 19:  Anniversaries – explores a curious parallel that arises during one particular anniversary of the event in Chapter 18.

Other recent items of interest appear in the posts below.

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2 Responses to Three New Chapters Now Online

  1. Victoria Steele says:

    Here I am again … the Morgan fan club. OK .. so now I have another question for you Paul. You quoted him as saying “I was a bit of a jerk” in an earlier chapter … so you have interviewed him in the last few years, in preparation for this book? Can you tell if he ever did go on to become the spy of his dreams? Are you going to follow his story? What is he doing now? I’ll shut up. Victoria

  2. Oh, Victoria, I Sooo appreciate you interest, and I’m so pleased that “Morgan” has sunk his hooks into your psyche. You ask good questions but… I can’t answer them all now! That’s why I’m writing the book. To answer questions like these now would give away too much of what’s to come. So, you’re just going to have to bear with me for as long as it takes. First the book… then the Cliff Notes version — OK?

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