This Guy Got It Right

I’m not really sure what to make of "Nexus" magazine.  I suppose if you’ve got a broad, non-jaundiced and open-minded imagination, it makes for some pretty interesting reading.  On the other hand, if you were held by the heel and dipped like  Achilles in a vat of healthy skepticism at an early age  like I was, some of it is pretty hard to swallow. 

Nevertheless, those of us with strong opinions about such things were quite favorably impressed upon reading "ParaSETI – ET Contact via Subtle Energies" by Gavin Dingley in the January/February 2001 issue of Nexus.

The article is actually a discussion of various efforts over the years in the "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  The author’s research includes Nikola Tesla’s alleged encounters with the evidence of ETIs, and then includes a rather extensive section on Townsend Brown which focuses almost exclusively on Brown’s "Elecrogravitic Communications."

What impresses us about this article is that its handling of the Brown biography is about as comprehensive and  factually reliable an account as we found anywhwere on the web or in print.    Mr. Dingus has done an yeoman’s job of  tracing the  full  arc of Brown’s work and has avoided the usual pitfalls of speculation about flying saucers and disappearing battleships. 

Mr. Dingus himself, however, remains something of an enigma.  The story in Nexus being now 5+ years old, the e-mail address that accompanies the author’s name is no longer valid, nor are other e-mail addresses that come up when Googling the author’s name.  We would like very much to contact Mr. Dingus, if only to commend him for the even-handed way he has handled this material.  So, as has already worked for us a few times in the past, we’re just using this space to put it out there:  Gavin Dingus, where are you?

Comments?  Let’s see if we can get the discussion going over there in the forums. 

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