Beware The Obsessed Hacker: The Tragic Story of Gary McKinnon

Today we note the weird and tragic tale of one Gary McKinnon, a British computer hacker now wanted for extradition to the U.S. for hacking into the Pentagon’s computer networks.

According to this account, Mr. McKinnon justifies his actions on the grounds that “he is convinced that the United States government is withholding critical information about Unidentified Flying Objects.”

This story is offered here as an object lesson in what can happen to those who let their obsession with esoteric subjects get the better of their daily judgment. Not that that’s happening around here, mind you.

This item may have to suffice in lieu of our usual weekly installment to the Townsend Brown Saga, as the radio circuits around here have been unusually busy this week and the operators are still decoding the transmissions.

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