Are UFO visitations interpreted as 'chariots of fire' or 'pillars of smoke' in the Bible?

67 – UFOs in the Bible

Chapter 67 – Flying Saucers in the Bible

Are there accounts of UFOs in the Bible?  Is that what all those parables about ‘chariots of fire‘ and ‘pillars of smoke’ are really all about – the Ancient’s way of explaining the unexplainable?

Are there actually UFO sightings recorded in the Bible?

Chapter 67 (72 in the 2023 edition) is a departure from the rest of the narrative.  In all the previous chapters I have endeavored to be as faithful as possible to the actual facts of this story; For the most part those facts have been conveyed to me by the principals involved.  Where there has been any kind of  dialog, those conversations have been reconstructed based on the correspondence I have shared with those individuals.

In this chapter, I’m making a lot of stuff up. Still the gist of the dialog here is based on another first-hand account.

In October 2004, I had an opportunity to spend some time in the company of Linda Brown’s friend and former classmate, the woman who goes by the nickname “Tula.”  Tula, Linda, and I spent a crisp fall evening on the deck of an apartment overlooking Ohio’s Buckeye Lake.  Yes, that’s the same lake where Townsend Brown took Josephine sailing nearly eighty years earlier — the day he spoke of great ships that one day would just ‘sail away’ from the earth, the way their boat had pushed away from the dock.

During a conversation that last many hours and covered a multitude of topics, Tula recalled a particular conversation she had while she was living with Townsend, Josephine, and Linda in the penthouse of the Drake Hotel. What follows is an attempt to recreate that conversation many years after it happened.  The dialog is mostly fabricated, but the gist of the conversation described here is based on Tula’s rather vivid recollection of that evening with Townsend Brown.

One night in the summer of 1966, after a sumptuous dinner of Jo’s “killer spaghetti” at the Drake penthouse, Linda and Josephine stayed behind to clean up the kitchen while Townsend and Tula settled into the living room.  Somehow, the conversation turned to Townsend’s ideas about extraterrestrial references in the Bible.

“It’s full of them,” Townsend said.  “Events that are described in the Bible as flaming chariots and pillars of clouds or columns of light in the night sky.”

“Yes,” Tula said,  “but that doesn’t mean they are flying saucers, does it?”

“What else could they be?” Townsend asked, “unless you really believe in flaming chariots and pillars of fire…?”

* * *

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