Handwritten opening of Townsend Brown's 1942 Treatise 'Structure of Space'

Townsend Brown’s ‘Structure of Space’ Now Online!

It can be pointed out that the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment to detect a flow of ether does not necessarily indicate the nonexistence of the ether. The results of the Theory of Relativity he maybe obtained with or without an either.

For certain phenomena common it is desirable and almost necessary to assume the existence of an ether in order to evolve a satisfactory explanation. An example is the force of gravitation, particularly the electro – gravitational effect. The phenomenon of the movement of a dielectric is such an example.

So begins what I have described in The Man Who Mastered Gravity as “the most important document in the entire archive.”

For the record, the last sentence of that second paragraph takes us right back to Brown’s earliest observations in a Coolidge Tube in the 1920s.  It also reminds us why he disavowed the use of the expression ‘anti-gravity’ in favor of ‘stress in dielectrics.’

Structure of Space is the second half of a notebook Brown wrote during his brief tenure at Vega Aircraft in Burbank, California.  The first part describes what Brown calls an “Ultra High Frequency Antenna [with] (multiple dipoles).

Here is yet another realm in which I must issue what is becoming a frequent disclaimer: “I am not a physicist, but I play one on the Internet.”

I can no more read mathematical equations than Paul McCartney can read standard musical notation. But that hasn’t stopped Sir Paul from writing some of the greatest music ever, period.  Nor should it preclude me from making an educated layman’s guess as to what Brown is telling us in these two notebooks – as detailed in Chapter 49.

For as long as I have been aware of its existence, I have believed Structure of Space to be a highly confidential document.  I have not considered  it within my remit to publish.

But in the past few weeks I have learned that at least the Structure of Space portion of the Vega Notebooks has been online for some time.  I found it over at the RexResearch site along with some other Townsend Brown material that has been in circulation for many years now.

So here it is for your downloading and reading pleasure.  In Townsend Brown’s original hand:


Or as transcribed and digitized by TTB Flame Keeper Nate Cull:


Have a look, and tell us what you think of the document and/or my interpretation here in the Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown Forums. 

It might be interesting to dredge up the centuries old debate about ‘the ether’ – or whatever it is that fills the voids of the micro-and-macrocosms.  I mean, if anything…

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