Spaulding Gray on NPR

If you’re read Chapter 53, you’ll recall that Morgan and Linda spent a portion of their time in NYC in December 1965 walking around with city with a writer Morgan had met, Spaulding Gray.  If you’re not familiar with Gray, you can tune into this story  that aired yesterday on NPR’s "All Things Considered" about the effort to revive some of Grays works on stage in New York (along with those of another deceased writer/monologist, radio host Eric Bogosian.

Spalding Gray, who took his own life in 2004, wrote and performed pieces that were deep explorations of his own psyche. Five actors perform a collage of his monologues and journal entries in a new off-Broadway show Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell.Link:

NPR : N.Y. Plays Channel Monologists Bogosian and Gray.


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