Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

It will if you’ve been reading the chapters of Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.  There are numerous references to a certain “secret society,” and a nod or two to the concept of time travel.  So imagine my surprise when I read in this article:

In your own duration, there is knowledge of time travel, but this
knowledge is strictly held in the hands of a secret society, of which I
cannot name.

Time travel is actually the wrong termination for what I am
accomplished for it is not traveling in time as much as it is simply
shifting dimensions.

Read the whole artilce and see if it doesn’t resonate with much of what we’ve been discussing in the forums.

Link: Our Strange World – Your Portal to the Unknown » Letter From A Time Traveler.

Yeah, some of the predictions sound a little far out but, then… we ARE talking about the future.

2 thoughts on “Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?”

  1. I just visited the earth in 2035 in my dream this afternoon and this time traveller was wrong…. The future has already heeded the warning and The USA is going to be selling ice from several icebergs to both countries, and the price for water will be equal to the price of gasoline. I guess the moral would be:
    Thanks for visting the past because you just changed the future.

  2. Awww man, this is so lame. People do just about anything to gain some attention to themselves. And even I gave some, damn 🙁

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