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I’ve just posted a link (under "Too Far Out") to a story about traveling faster than light (aka "superluminal velocities") and time travel.  I’m not ready to spend a whole of time on these subjects, but I do want to keep readers apprised of some of the things that cross my desktop these days.  FYI, the pertinent paragraph is this article is:

The initiative in time manipulation came
from the need for the ultimate stealth. If time can be separated and
masked with a variant offset, a deadly military stealth can be obtained.

Anybody who has encountered "The Philadelphia Experiment" will have some idea why this idea is pertinent to the Townsend Brown story.  Notice that I haven’t put in any links to anything about "TPX," as we call it.  That’s because I really don’t want you to go there…

P.S. – I have to confess, I’m really not sure what to make of this India Daily online newspaper.  They publish a lot of stuff that can sound pretty dubious to a healthy skeptic.  But… that’s what this adventure is all about: learning to be skeptical about our skepticism.

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  1. Reader One says:

    Hi Paul. The story is getting better and better. Cant wait until it’s published. Dont take that article in the India Daily lightly. A few years back a Mexican physicist named Alcubiere came up with a theory about using a very dense mass to create a bubble in the fabric of space. The observer, inside the bubble, moves with it faster than light. Time changes in front of the bubble and in back of it. The theory is congruent with Einstein’s local version of Relativity. Some time afterwards another physicist named Van Brock or Van Breck modified the theory, removing any errors and making it more feasible. Another physicist who is mainstream and writes the Alternate View articles for Analog magazine seems to have given it his blessing. He even wrote an Alternate View article about it. Type Alternate View into any search engine and you will find the article. I think Alcubiere started playing around with this because of the Star Trek series. Where they create a field by using something like a pseudo mass to make the bubble. The India Daily article talks about the government working on this. If thats the case Dr Harold E. Puthoff would be in on it and its probably a black project.

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