Return of the Nazi Bell?

Anybody who has read Nick Cook’s "Hunt for Zero Point" will be familiar with the subject of this story that showed up in my in-box yesterday:

Link: Defense contractor’s anti-gravity discovery disclosed.

A fabled top secret World War II technology, never fully developed by the Nazis, although many individuals were allegedly killed in the process of its testing, apparently has been replicated in part by a mainstream Californian defense contractor, SARA, showing anti-gravity and propulsion effects.

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5 Responses to Return of the Nazi Bell?

  1. auzie morgan says:

    I had never googled this till lastnight, I saw this show on the history channel. When it talked about the bell device I froze.. .
    Back in highschool some friends of mine had come up with a semi wild idea.
    A kind of gyro but off ballanced and around 100lb of ozmium and mercury.. We thought that the metals density plus 80Krpms of rotation could produce a mono polar gravity wave. groups of the gyros could make all sorts of effects.
    What bothered me was spinning @80krpms+, later in life I thought about trying to work the idea further and thought magnets to suspend and spin, that lead to my current idea, charge and spin the mercuryfluid..
    then much later I hear about this device… woa, could it really work??? did my friends some how know how the bell was designed? we were 80s mall rats…

  2. Ward C. Alexander says:

    Kammler was probably the mostleathel and most unfeeling human being that the Nazi war machine produced. He was probably the most interesting person of that Reich that I have had the horror to research.
    Possibly Hidrich was as bad but he was not hands on like Gen. Hans Kimmler, SS.
    Ward C. alexander
    Seattle, wa.

  3. Steve says:

    soon we will find out what the u.s.goverment has taken from Hitler(the bell). and what knowledge there keeping from the means’- still voting for election; still civilian controls goverment,this could be a war ariseing over the “ufos” worldwide controversy from others as others not letting others or the fact of killing.
    lets act as the public-us civilians before its too late soon a number of us will take over area 51 with a surroundment 75 trillium missles bombs or as many as we need did you know there is already a war going on within the u.s. goverment.

  4. dc says:

    Just been doing some research on Prof, Einstein and cam across the Bell Project. Pretty interesting, first thing that struck me was that the platform looked like Stonehenge. Before I go for all the conspiracy theory stuff, perhaps it would be worth while mentioning that the Nazi’s also developed LSD and there is a formula for Meth called the Nazi Method, also developed by them. I would bet that the bastards were all or at least most of them stoned, which would explain some of their decision making and a lot of this anti gravity and UFO stuff.

  5. Rocky says:

    You might be intrested in Gerold Schem’s report concerning the “platform” at Ludwigsdorf. He makes a very convincing argument that the “platform” was in reality part of a power plant used at a nearby factory. In fact, he has posted photographs of an existing power plant of similar construction. These findings do remove the likelihood of the “platform” having been used as a support for electrogravitic or electrokenetic experiments. This of course, has no bearing on the question, “ What type of research did the Nazis conduct at the underground facility?” Without hard evidence, the only existing information available is Mr. Witkowski’s assertions about information released at Karl Sporrenberg’s trial.
    Here is the link:

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