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Welcome to the new "" website. 

This website is "a work in progress dedicated to a work in progress" — a  a place to explore the myriad mysteries surrounding the life of T. Townsend Brown, the "obscure 20th century scientist," regarded by many as the father of "field effect propulsion," aka "anti-gravity" (but he hated that term). 

This website is being developed in concert with the research and writing of an "authorized" biography" , tentatively entitled "Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown.  Click here for a more detailed description of the book.

The nature of Brown’s work, and the mysteries surrounding his life, have made compiling his biography a work of inestimable challenge.   First time visitors to this site are encouraged to click the link at left which reads **START HERE** for an introduction to the material that is being assembled here.

Visitors are encouraged to post their comments to the daily posts by scrolling down to the "comments" section that follows each post, or join the larger discussion of the life and science of T. Townsend Brown by visiting the Townsend Brown Forums section.

Visitors with an ongoing interest in the subject matter are also encouraged to subscribe to the ttbrown e-mail list.  This list will only be used for periodic updates, i.e. when new chapters of the book are posted to the website or when other important developments warrant announcing to the rapidly growing community of people with a keen interest in the life of this extraordinary individual. 

For now, we invite you to read the first two chapters:

      The Preface:  A Mysterious E-Mail

     The Prologue: Every Cabbie In Catalina

We hope you enjoy the material and will return often to

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