Now Online: Chapter 12

For as long as I’ve been rummaging around in the life of Townsend Brown, I’ve been hearing his fundamental discovery referred to as "The Biefeld Brown Effect."  I know who Biefeld was, I know Brown was, and I’ve got a fair grasp of the "Effect."  Chapter 12: The Biefeld-Brown Effect attempts to explain how Townsend Brown’s discovery came to bear not only his name but that of his mentor at Denison University.


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2 Responses to Now Online: Chapter 12

  1. Victoria Steele says:

    Paul… so … are saying that Townsend Brown intentionally stepped back and let others take over his developments without giving him credit? …. why would a person do that? Victoria

  2. Paul Schatzkin says:

    Victoria, there are a lot of reasons why Townsend Brown “stepped back.” To “let others take over his developments…” is just one of them. Hopefully, the others will be more clear as the tale unfolds. Thanks for staying tuned! –PS

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