Now Online: Chapter 14

Return with us now to the romantic saga of Linda Brown and Morgan, aka "The Boy With The Chestnut Hair" in this latest installment, "Can We Talk For A While?"

If it seems a bit strange that I’m spending so much time focused on the relationship between Townsend Brown’s daughter and the object of her teen-aged affections, you’re just gonna have to bear with me for a while.  As the story continues to unfold, it will become apparent how  subplot is an indispensible thread that weaves in and out of the main fabric of the story.   It seems there is really no way to tell the one story without slip-sliding in and out of the other. 

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2 Responses to Now Online: Chapter 14

  1. Victoria Steele says:

    Hi Paul, again .. making a pest of myself! But this time … Linda … can you answer a question? In this last chapter you wrote in your journal “Only two more weeks before leaving for Southern Seminary and he hasn’t even kissed me yet.” Was it a theological seminary? The phrase “to a nunery” rings in my brain … and I am saying “Oh No! … this relationship can’t possibly end this way!” So …. Pray tell (Please)…. Victoria

  2. Lamper says:

    Perhaps we have a time line slip. I was asked to reply to my previous post. (An original post that I didn’t send yet.) But in the spirit of No Time. I will reply, anticipating an excellent previous post.
    Yes, Lamper it was Sweet applying fractoemmission to produce cold, high amperage current through conservation of angular momentum of counter rotating vortices that induce the energy onto the bifilar pickup coil bi-directionally.

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