Now Online: Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3:  Notes From The Rabbit Hole #1: A Bitter Pill introduces the device I am going to use to include my own perspective on the peculiar unravelling of this story.  I have known all along that there would be no way to tell this story without some inclusion of how it has all been revealed to me.  My own involvement in this story has become part of the story.  But I do not want a "first person" account of the proceedings to overshadow the "third person" story that I am really trying to tell.  This is Townsend Brown’s story, and my own story should be told only to the extent that it sheds light on Brown’s.  So, now that we’ve got the idea of "going down the rabbit hole" introduced in the (revised) preface, I can return to that device from time to time in order to provide pivot points from one part of the story to another.

In this case, the first "Note From The Rabbit Hole" provides a seque into Chapter 4: How Many Generals Does It Take which jumps to the conclusion of the story of "The Fan" that was introduced in Chapter 2: No Moving Parts which, of course, is just one aspect of the much larger story that is unfolding here. 

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