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I’ve just posted a link to Chapter 7:

Notes from the Rabbit Hole #2:  Preparation and Inspiration

This installment is not so much about Townsend Brown as it is about the process that we are exploring, i.e. ‘big ideas and where do they come from?’   This is one of those background themes that is going to be essential to understanding how Townsend Brown moved through his life.  Since it’s another short chapter that steps outside of the main narrative in order to shed some different light on the story, I’ve hung it under the title of "Notes from the Rabbit Hole." 

Meanwhile, I have been somewhat mired in an in-depth exploration of the origins of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, the two major theories of physics and cosmology that emerged in the first third of the twentieth century.  It’s all very interesting, and perhaps important, because I am beginning to suspect that there was a third important theory of physics and cosmology that also emerged at about the same time, but for reasons that will prove central to the story that we are telling, has been suppressed until now. 

"Until now," of course, presumes that I can adequately figure out what exactly I’m talking about, and then present it convincingly. 

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