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This One Is Not About Townsend Brown

… at least, not directly.  This one is more about Oppenheimer – the epic Christopher Nolan movie released last week as half of the the Barbieheimer Cultural Zeitgeist of the Summer of 23.

I saw the movie last week and will see it again next week in IMAX.  I don’t really think the IMAX treatment will make much difference in how I feel about the film (I liked it), but there’s been such a fuss about it that I’ll make the effort.   This is certainly a film that warrants seeing more than once, especially after doing a whole lot of reading up on the various topics and personalities the film encompasses.

In its way, this film captures all the fringe topics that have preoccupied most of my adult life: advanced technologies and how mankind deals with them.  That much makes it relevant to the Townsend Brown saga as well.

There is an erudite discussion of the movie unfolding in the forums over on fusor.net.  Those people have forgotten more about nuclear energy than I’ll ever know, so their insight into the film and related subjects is valuable if you want to get under the hood.

I have also posted my own ‘capsule review’ of the movie.  The TL:dr version is “dense and engaging.”

As I anticipated the film’s release, a lot of thoughts percolated about how the subject of developing the atomic bomb dovetails with the narrative that sent me off on this crazy crusade in the first place.  I kept seeing the trailer with its footage of “Oppenheimer” and “Einstein,” and wondering what role the later would have in the film. That or course got me to thinking about the inspiration and influence that Einstein had on the life of my other primary subject.

I have gathered all those thoughts over at my farnovision.com site and invite Townsend Brown followers to read:

Oppenheimer, Einstein – and Farnsworth 

…and let me know if any of that resonates with you.

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