New Website For Townsend Brown Technology

I am pleased to direct your attention to an excellent new website
devoted exclusively to  the science and technology of T. Townsend
Brown.   The Townsend Brown Group is the logical descendant from the old "Townsend Brown Family" website that Andrew Bolland operated at (yeah, the website through which I got sucked into this rabbit hole in the first place….).

Andrew has been a friend of the Brown family for nearly 20 years, and
has been the steward of the family’s "online archives" until the
inception of this website last fall. Now that this site has  assumed
the vanguard in telling Townsend Brown’s personal story, Andrew is free
to devote his attention to the scientific aspects of the story.  He has
neatly divided Brown’s work into four categories, linked here for your

Stress in Dielectrics
 Electrogravitic Communications

There are also links to an extensive online collection of Townsend Brown’s patents. 

By delineating  Brown’s work  along these lines, Andrew makes it much easier
to see the various different ways Brown’s discoveries manifest in
different broad categories of applications.  Consequently,  Andrew’s
website stands out as the go-to resource for anybody who wants to
understand the science and technology of Townsend Brown. Go there now.

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